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Which innovative services will produce growth drivers for my business?
Which services should be invested in to improve the customer experience and increase their satisfaction?
How to shift from an economic model focusing on products to services?

What are we talking about?

Defining a service strategy can be achieved at two levels: firstly, the creation of innovative services to enhance the value proposition, unleash new growth drivers and strengthen the customer relationship. Secondly, certain firms decide to go a step further and shift their economic model from being product-centric to service-centric.

Client case studies

Hertz - illustration
Innovation service strategy

Our field of actions

  • Definition of a service strategy, evolution towards a service-centric model
  • Utilising data to create innovative services and value drivers (ex data monetisation), digitalisation of services
  • Monitoring and optimising service performance

What are the challenges?

Generating revenue and profitability
Addressing market changes
Increasing customer engagement and loyalty

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