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ABCD glossary 1 (intelligence artificielle) - article

#2 - la Customer Data Platform

For this second opus of the abcd*glossary, let's talk about Customer Data Platform. A term on everyone's lips, but do you really know what it...

d*library retail

d*library: data...

Building a data-driven sales action plan, improving sales forecasts, boosting sales strategy via a multi-channel recommendation engine... discover...

ABCD glossary 1 (intelligence artificielle) - article

#1 - Artifical Intelligence

For this first edition of the abcd*glossary, let's talk about Artificial Intelligence. A buzzword that is widely used... and overused! An opportunity...

Livre blanc IA Business Lab

E-Book : Enter the era of applied Artificial Intelligence 

Discover our book on the new levers of value creation through AI

Equancy University

Equancy trains you to...

Master Python, machine learning methods, data lake architecture... Learn about data with Equancy!

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