3# Glossary Data Mesh

3# Data Mesh 

You don't know the difference between Data Mesh, Data Lake and Data Warehouse? The abcd*glossary is here for you. Each month, we help you to...


Round Table : "Between personalisation, emotion, social and societal commitment: Which trends to boost your loyalty programme?"


Customer Experience and Brand Image in the Age of Metavers

It's 2005, Rafael Nadal wins his first Roland Garros, YouTube has just been launched, and Alex Tew, a student in Great Britain, launches The...

By Marwane Khalis ()


Webinar DataMa x Equancy

5 days a month, 10 days a month... How much time do your teams spend processing data for your reports?

Bienvenue à Agnès Mendy

Equancy announces the appointment of Agnès Mendy...

By Agnès Mendy ()


PowerBI in Powerpoint: A giant leap forward in the...

By Thomas Potus (Manager BI & DataViz, Equancy)

Fireside chat - New Loyalty Program Stakes

Join the CRM & Loyalty Directors of Barrière, Sephora, Pathé Gaumont movie theaters and 24Sèvres to listen to their vision, insights and best practices on july 7th at 9AM CET