Focus sur 4 enjeux phare en marketing digital en 2023

Focus on 4 key challenges in digital marketing in 2023

Alternatives to third-party cookies, integration of some features of ChatGPT & Bard into the business, migration to GA 4, whether or not to adopt...

By Bertrand de La Selle (Associé)

3 Défis Marketing Digital Automobile en 2023

3 challenge marketing digital automotive 2023

For several years, the automotive sector has been undergoing a profound transformation in its customer journey. Today, 87% of new car buyers...

By Esther Magron (Digital Marketing Consultant)

Mieux comprendre la gouvernance de données pour identifier son rôle dans les enjeux d’accélération des transformations et de valorisation de la data

Improve understanding of data governance to...

Data is omnipresent and is increasingly interfering in the daily life of companies. And yet only 24% of companies are data-driven, according...

By Didier Richaudeau (Data partner)

Tendances Retail 2023 - De la conversation a la conversion le clienteling franchit le pas

Retail trend 2023 - From conversation to conversion, clienteling crosses the line

In 2023, it is because it synchronises, in an App put in the hands of salespeople, the contributions of data and the relational talent of the...

By Bertrand Destailleur ()

How Volkswagen increased its conversion rate by 10 points

How Volkswagen increased its conversion rate by 10 points

Equancy and Volkswagen's continuous UX analysis strategy to create business value, how to turn key information from web analysis into value-generating...

By Bertrand de La Selle (Associé)

Finops Cloud Computing

It's never to late to join FinOps

The FinOps method, which appeared two years ago, is attracting more and more attention from management, but what is it really and how can it...

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