L’Oréal Luxe & Equancy : Concilier démocratisation de l’accès aux données et Confidentialité des données dans le cadre d’un projet BI d’envergure

L'Oréal Luxe : Reconciling the democratization...

By Laurie Jullien (Delivery Manager Data)

Un nouveau leadership pour le climat

New leadership for the climate 

We are witnessing a change in the global landscape, are we ready to rewrite the script?

By Charlotte Weill (President)

Assureurs – Comment (r)assurer les jeunes adultes en 2024 ?

Insurers - How can we (re)insure young adults in 2024?

Carefree, generous, independent, eco-friendly... these are the adjectives that are often attached to 'young people' in surveys designed to gather...

By Charlotte Weill (President), Jean Marc Antuszewicz (Strategy consultant)


Data Management & CSR: an essential link? 

Based on the conviction that data plays a major role in the success of the ecological transition, we set out to meet fifteen or so CSR directors...

By Alexis Rousset (Data Consulting Director)

Laurent Fauroux rejoint Equancy en tant que Chief Growth Officer

Laurent Fauroux joins Equancy as new Chief Growth Officer

5 étapes pour une stratégie CRO réussie

5 steps to a successful CRO strategy

Establishing a good CRO strategy is essential to improving performance, but where do you start?

By Joris Alexandre (Digital analytics Consultant), Alice de Lamotte (Digital Analytics Consultant)

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