How Volkswagen increased its conversion rate by 10 points

How Volkswagen increased its conversion rate by 10 points

By Bertrand de La Selle (Associé)

Finops Cloud Computing

It's never to late to join FinOps

The FinOps method, which appeared two years ago, is attracting more and more attention from management, but what is it really and how can it...


Pay As in insurance: a forgotten concept ready...

A mechanism for adapting the pricing of insurance products according to the behaviour of the insured, "Pay As" is not a completely new concept;...

By Marie-Sarah Gastou (Consultant)


Alexis ROUSSET joins Equancy as Data Consulting...

Assurance & Micromobilité

Insurance for micromobility: a rocky road 

280 million euros, that's what the NVEI insurance market could represent by 2022*. NVEI - for New Individual Electric Vehicles - are the electric...

By Eva Rivière (Consultant Strategy Marketing)



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