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[Tribune] The 5 ages of customer maturity

From symbolic action to culture change: how to gain customer maturity? The point of view of Nicolas Regallet and Bertrand Destailleur, consultants...


Email in turmoil ?

DATA. While the issue of third-party cookies is not even settled yet, Apple is tackling email and will significantly reduce its visibility for...

By Bertrand Destailleur ()

Bertrand de La Selle - Partner en charge de la practice Marketing Performance d'Equancy

MarTech Nebula: How to get out of the fog?

In less than 10 years, the number of MarTech solutions has increased by more than 5200%. While this growth offers a huge range of possibilities...


How to successfully infuse a customer culture within...

In this article for LSA, Justine Aguenier, Strategy Consultant at Equancy, and Jennifer Bedel, Director of Customer Strategies at Equancy, detail...

By Jennifer Bedel ()


VINCI Airports & Equancy: Steering through turbulence...

Find out how the Vinci Airport Group and Equancy used data to overcome the crisis

By Hervé Mignot (Data partner)

Cas d'usage assurance_illu site

By Charlotte Weill (President)

New video !

Discover our interview on the 4Ps of a successful data transformation