The Guide To Semantic Layer (in french)

Learn our best practices and pitfalls to avoid to succeed in setting up your Semantic Layer

LA FRANCE MUTUALISTE x EQUANCY Repenser sa segmentation client pour plus d’efficacité commerciale

LA FRANCE MUTUALISTE x EQUANCY: Rethinking customer segmentation for greater commercial efficiency.

Laurent Meudec,La France Mutualiste, and Didier Richaudeau, Equancy, give you the keys to the quick adoption and implementation of this new approach.

By Didier Richaudeau (Data partner)

Picard surgelés déploie un nouveau mode d’assortiment de ses magasins grâce à la data

Article published on La Revue du Digital - Picard Surgelés is deploying a new store assortment mode thanks to data

Selling the right product in the right place is the whole challenge for Picard Surgelés, a well-known and appreciated food brand among the French,...

By Article publié sur La Revue du Digital ()

Nouvelles dimensions et nouveaux canaux de la fidélité client

New dimensions and new channels of customer loyalty

On April 6th, Equancy spoke at the webinar - New Dimensions and New Channels of Customer Loyalty organized by Insider. Bertrand Destailleur,...

By Bertrand Destailleur ()

Les 7 grandes étapes du tracking app avec GA4

The 7 main steps for app tracking with GA4

Preparation, audit and planning: These are your watchwords for migrating to GA4. Understand its events and parameters, audit your data, and plan...

By Agnès Mendy ()

Et si c’était Brad Pitt qui vous parlait Data Gouvernance ?

And if it were Brad Pitt who was talking to you about Data Governance?

How can we make the trade teams understand the importance of governed data? In other words, how do you make Data Governance "fun" so that people...

By Alexis Rousset (Data Consulting Director)

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