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For this first issue of abcd*glossary, let's talk about Artificial Intelligence. A widely used buzzword... and overused! An opportunity to review together this omnipresent concept..

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is far from being new. It was first used in the mid-1950s by American scientist John McCarthy. AI refers to algorithms which aim to mimic a form of human intelligence. By analyzing and exploiting data of any format, these computer programs can perform complex tasks with remarkable accuracy and speed.

The current rise of AI is due to a combination of multiple factors, including the digitization of processes - which has enabled the creation of a considerable volume of data - the increase in computing power and storage capacity, and improvements in algorithms, such as deep learning.

AI is already an integral part of our daily lives without us always realizing it. Voice assistants, such as Alexa, Cortana, OK Google or Siri, are notable illustrations of this. However, AI is also hidden behind the recommendation engines of e-commerce sites, behind the automatic classification of photos by place or person on cell phones or even behind the management of routes based on GPS traffic.


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