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If I change the offer "10€ free from 80€ of purchases" to "15€ free from 90€ of purchases", how do my sales evolve?
If the Back to school promotional activity starts a week later compared to last year, what impact does this have on my brand?
Will this version of the CAP perform better than another? 

What are we talking about?

Promotional activity is a recognised performance lever. Quantifying its impact is complex and subject to numerous discussions.


Predicting precisely and quickly the balance CA/margin/discount rate according to promotional activity is a key strategic point. 

Client case studies

Optimiser ses investissement Promo via un plan d’action commercial data-driven
Optimising promotional investments via a data-driven commercial action plan

Our field of actions

Cleaning and structuring the data of previous promotional offers


Carrying out a criteria-based performance summary


Building a model predicting the business performance (CA, margins, volumes…)


Developing solutions simulating and helping the decision-making process

Key expert

Didier Richaudeau

Didier Richaudeau

Data associate


What are the challenges?

Have factual elements to evaluate the performance of a promotional offer
Operational efficiency in CAP construction
Improve the effectiveness of the sales promotion plan

Examples of technologies we bring into play


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