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What are my customer’s expectations in terms of pricing, promotions and loyalty programs?
What is the most profitable investment, price, promotion and loyalty mix?
Which commercial activities perform best and why?

What are we talking about?

For players in the retail sector (food, fashion, automotive, hardware), price, promotions and loyalty programs have become key points of differentiation and are pivotal in the customer purchasing decision.

The commercial strategy should be a central consideration, both for recruitment and loyalty purposes, but also to generate profitable growth.

The optimisation and targeting of investments are absolute priorities in a highly competitive environment.

Client case studies

Optimiser ses investissement Promo via un plan d’action commercial data-driven
Optimising promotional investments via a data-driven commercial action plan

Our field of actions

  • Analysis of completed promotions performance
  • Benchmark and analysis of the market / promotion / loyalty performance levers
  • Development of a sales forecasting solution

Key expert


Bertrand Destailleur

Associate Customer Experience


What are the challenges?

Optimising investments
Generating commercial margins
Improving customer loyalty

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