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  1. How to identify the opportunities offered by Generative AI and its tools?
How to acculturate and support my teams in adopting AI Gen?
How to build a roadmap of easily industrialisable Generative AI use cases?

What are we talking about?

With the global generative AI market estimated to reach 1.3 trillion by 2032, average annual growth rates forecast at 66% over 5 years, and 45% of workers using it on a daily basis, making the shift to generative AI in time is crucial for businesses.

Client case studies

L’IA générative au service de l’optimisation des projets digitaux de Nespresso
Generative AI powering the optimisation of Nespresso's digital projects

Our field of actions

Tailor-made support from our teams during the acculturation phase, prioritisation and identification of opportunities linked to Generative AI: 

ANALYSE the activity, business lines, offerings, challenges, threats, opportunities, tools and potential uses of generative AI

ACCULTURE teams with generic content on generative AI and concrete illustrations adapted to the company's businesses

ANALYZE & IDENTIFY the highest-potential opportunities offered by Generative AI by business line, to improve internal productivity and propose innovative offerings to the market

PRIORITISE & PLAN the projects to implement the opportunities identified in the workshops

BUILD & DEPLOY Generative AI applications tailored to your processes to activate these opportunities

Key expert

Hervé Mignot

Hervé Mignot

Data and R&D Associate


What are the challenges?

Improve internal efficiency and productivity
Develop innovative offers for your market
Strengthen your decision-making

Examples of technologies we bring into play

Open AI

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Data Governance

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Generative AI - a solution to increase your team's efficiency