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Where can data and AI unlock the most value?
What solutions and which organisation should I implement to kick-start?
What is the business case for such a high data investment?

What are we talking about?

Data and AI have become strategic levers to address business challenges involving all departments: marketing, operations, finance, sales. The implementation of a data strategy allows to identify priorities, define the necessary means to carry out such a strategy and create a governance system. It further requires aligning all teams to ensure tangible objectives can be reached.

Client case studies

Data lake PVCP
Building a data lake for multi-source and channel case studies

Our field of actions

  • Definition and prioritisation of AI and DATA case studies using our rich library with +100 cases
  • Conception of IS data architecture integrated to your current systems
  • Identification of the necessary human resources and governance bodies
  • Evaluation of business cases

Key expert

Didier Richaudeau

Didier Richaudeau

Data associate


What are the challenges?

Improving the revenue and EBITDA
Improving the operational efficiency
Reducing the risks

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