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Which steps to follow to design a customer-centric vision and implement this within the organisation?
How to innovate and highlight cases illustrating the client culture?
What is the impact of a customer vision transformation on support functions?

What are we talking about?

Being customer-centric means positioning the customer (its needs and satisfaction) at the centre of the organisation's priorities. It’s a change in the business model which involves rethinking each link of the value chain: offer, relationship, promotion, selling points and digital.

Client case studies

Global Client Study
Global client study

Our field of actions

  • Target customer vision and impact on the value chain. Definition of the customer promise
  • Identification of customer case studies, barriers and levers, roadmap and business case
  • Consolidation of data assets, implementation of solutions
  • Construction and deployment of a ”change” plan
  • Customer and partner KPIs, CX Scorecard, analysis and optimisations

Key expert


Bertrand Destailleur

Associate Customer Experience


What are the challenges?

Increasing the value proposition
Reinforcing the brand affection
Aligning teams on a customer positioning

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