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Segmentation and targeting of segments

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Segmentation & activation des segments


Our client Dr. Pierre Ricaud is a historic actor in the mail-order selling of cosmetic products, with an ambitious transformation plan to multiply the digital revenue by 3 by 2024 and shift from being a a mail-order seller to a digital player.

In this context, Dr. Pierre Ricaud wishes to build - in addition to his RFM segmentation - a more refined and operational segmentation. The objectives? To design segmented action plans that generate more turnover, and to enable internal teams to identify new levers to increase the value of each segment.

The main objectives are
  1. 01.

    Identify the key factors associated with a strategic segmentation to foster a performant and operational targeting as well as a smart project management

  2. 02.

    Devise CRM activity cycles per customer segment (email, print, telephone) and identify the key levers to personalise relationships (site, media)

  3. 03.

    Support internal teams in the adoption of the new segmentation to amplify its usage

  • Construct and document the segmentation: technical specifications, qualifying features and record of segments
  • Definition of new CRM activation plans and customization by segment
  • Summary of the impacts (CA increment, application costs)
  • CRM gap analysis and implementation plan

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Bertrand Destailleur

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