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Data monetization

Monetising data via the implementation of a media agency

  • Data science & AI
  • Data governance & engineering
  • Digital acceleration
  • Digital performance
  • Retail & e-commerce
Tirer parti de ses actifs et monétiser la data via la mise en place d’une régie Média


Leading French retailer Carrefour wanted to capitalise on its privileged position – international exposure, high value-added shopper understanding and available inventory at each step of the customer journey (in-store, online, CRM) - to become a key partner for brands, developing and managing their marketing strategies. In this context, Carrefour desired to build a leading-edge profitable media agency to become the reference point in 8 countries.

The main objectives are
  1. 01.

    Evaluate the business potential and the specificities of each market

  2. 02.

    Define the value proposition and identify the target operational model (human, technological and financial)

  3. 03.

    Build a business plan and a roadmap across 3 years

  • Market analysis and diagnosis of existent data and IT
  • Market projection and business plan over 3 years
  • Organisation and governance objective
  • Action plan & market and global path

Key expert

Hervé Mignot

Hervé Mignot

Data and R&D Associate


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