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Data-driven marketing

  • Digital acceleration
  • Digital performance
  • Auto & mobility
Data-driven Marketing


We support several clients in the auto & mobility sector, analysing their marketing and digital performance, marketing investments modelling, commercial impacts and drive-to-store campaign performances.

The main objectives are
  1. 01.

    Exploit data to measure and understand the customer journey and marketing performances

  2. 02.

    Model the marketing investments to direct media and commercial resources more efficiently

  3. 03.

    Analyse the performance and impacts of campaigns to optimise the drive-to-store and sales

  • Benchmarking of the leading market digital solutions
  • Creation of reports
  • Analysis of campaign results and recommendations

Key expert


Bertrand de La Selle

Digital Acceleration Associate

  • Improvement of the rates of transformation: +1.2 points on desktop, +8 points on mobile
  • Improvement of the online experience: +1.9 M qualified visitors, -18% in the Paid Search SEM costs
  • Optimisation of the media spending: 5 to 10% increase in efficiency
  • Optimisation of the DMP: lead generating x1.9

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