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Improve the ROI of the strategic marketing plan by building a prioritization engine

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Améliorer le ROI du plan marketing stratégique par la construction d’un moteur de priorisation ​


To reach the objectives set by top management, the marketing department tries to allocate its budget as well as possible between customer acquisition and loyalty,  sales activities and/or offers, channels and targets.

The complexity becomes very important when the sales animation is dense, when each product department wants to put forward its own offer vs. that of its colleague, and when the number and variety of contact channels increase.

In this context, a lot of time is spent doing simulations, arguing one strategy vs. another at the beginning of each year but also during the year, without any robust element to arbitrate. 

The main objectives are
  1. 01.

    Modelize the expected performance of a given strategy

  2. 02.

    Take into account the performance of past campaigns by channel/target to find the optimal allocation automatically

  3. 03.

    Build a user application to estimate the results of the optimal allocation

  • Data application including ingestion pipeline, optimization algorithm and user interface

Key expert

Hervé Mignot

Hervé Mignot

Data and R&D Associate

  • Achievement of set objectives with a marketing budget reduced by nearly 10%, while saving significant operational time spent on simulations

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