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Master Python, machine learning methods, data lake architecture... Learn about data with Equancy! 

Training for everyone, accessible at any level and in small groups.

Not one, but two trainers to accompany you!

Personalized coaching around your concerns and use cases.

Collaborative teaching between participants, based on practical workshops.

Our training courses for beginners :

  • Mastering Python for data science 
  • Mastering machine learning algorithms 
  • Mastering pySpark for your data pipelines 
  • Architecting a data lake in the Cloud 

Our advanced trainings :

These trainings are intended for data scientists & data engineering with a first level of mastery of Python for data science:

  • Take your first steps in deep learning (images & texts) 
  • Process and predict time series in Python
  • Industrializing data science: starting in MLOps 
  • Create your first analytical applications with Dash

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Sorry English speakers! Book is available in French only. But trainings can be done in English. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized overview.

Key expert

Hervé Mignot

Hervé Mignot

Data and R&D Associate



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