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  •  By Hervé Mignot

On October 13, Rémi Maumont de Longevialle, CFO of the Vinci Airport Group and Hervé Mignot, Partner in charge of data science at Equancy, spoke at the HubForum to share the Data acceleration of the world's leading private airport operator.

VINCI Airports is the world's leading private airport operator (45 airports, 250 million passengers per year). Although the company had already initiated some data-related projects, it had to accelerate them during the COVID-19 crisis. For Hervé Mignot (Equancy) and Rémi Maumon de Longevialle (VINCI Airports), the objectives were to

  • Better understand the impacts of the crisis on its airports, and therefore to better manage the infrastructures during the crisis.
  • Anticipate the end of the crisis and stay one step ahead during it.

To carry out this acceleration process, VINCI Airports called on Equancy. In 6 months of collaboration, the two companies defined 4 priority data use cases around airport traffic, points of sale, parking solutions and HR. The resulting solutions are first tested in pilot airports, and if successful, are then replicated in airports with similar profiles. Finally, in terms of technology, the two companies chose cloud computing because it allows them to start quickly with an infrastructure scaled to the project while ensuring the ability to industrialise and replicate the project.

My 3 pieces of advice for this type of project:

  1. start from the field and the business units because they know how to do it best,
  2. remain humble, don't try to be complex from the start,
  3. bet from the start on an infrastructure that will allow you to industrialise your project, while integrating specificities as you go along.

 - Rémi Maumon de Longevialle, Chief Financial Officer (Vinci Airport)

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