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  •  By Thomas Potus

Why is this a major development ? 

No more static dashboard screenshots, no more poorly performing connectors from third-party applications, no more back and forth between tools to find additional information. Thanks to this development, Microsoft allows you to integrate real data visualisations into your presentations ! 

By clicking on a simple button, you can add a dynamic PowerBi window to your slides, as in the example below:

Why will this revolutionise the daily life of users?

You will have in your presentations :

  • Real-time data
  • dynamic views allowing you to make Ad Hoc queries in PowerBi without leaving your presentation, 
  • you will be able to enrich your BI storytelling 
  • your powerpoint presentation will be infinitely exploitable

By facilitating access to dashboards via a tool as universal as Powerpoint, Microsoft is taking a giant step forward in helping to evangelise data in companies. If this new development of PowerBi delivers on its promise, the data visualization tool would gain a significant lead over its competitors.

If, you are as, excited as I am about this announcement, here is an article that explains how to use this new development.

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Thomas Potus

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