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  •  By Bertrand Destailleur

Watch this 45-minute tactical video to explore the landscape of customer loyalty and discover proven tactics for increasing customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value with : 

Here are 3 reasons to watch it:

✅ Learn about new trends and practices in customer loyalty,

✅ Discover 4 effective strategies and actionable insights to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and LTV,

✅ Learn how to revolutionize your customer relationship through email using AMP, through WhatsApp, and also through gamification with INSIDER.

➡️ Watch the replay of this webinar.



Bertrand Destailleur is an expert in customer relationship and strategy, advising numerous brands in defining and scripting exceptional relationships, and ultimately, their customer transformation. Former Client Marketing Director at Club Méditerranée, he joined EQUANCY, a digital transformation and data consulting firm, in 2014 to develop the Customer Experience practice. He accompanies major retail, luxury, tourism and bank-insurance brands on these subjects.

Cindy Todeschini is a Martech expert who has worked for some of the most renowned companies in the industry such as ContentSquare and Experian. With her team, she assists the largest French and European brands in identifying their needs, optimizing their customer experience, managing their data, and deploying their techno stack.

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Bertrand Destailleur

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