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In 2019, the Digital & CRM team at La Poste Mobile launched its customer portfolio development strategy and called on Equancy to reduce customer attrition and develop its value.

To meet the challenges of the mobile phone operator, Equancy teams have worked on a customer value segmentation solution. This identifies the different customer segments according to their business contribution and assigns objectives for growth in volume and/or customer value. In a second phase, the teams constructed a churn risk score. This score was used to set up a personalised customer retention programme based on the risk of churn (deduced from the churn score) but also on the customer value (deduced from the value segmentation). 

Solution and methodology:
The Equancy teams developed a tailor-made strategy and support called Acceleration Data. For two months this project mobilized a feature team consisting of a data scientist, a delivery manager and a partner to meet La Poste Mobile's ambitions. 

We carried out this mission in close collaboration with the client's teams in a cross-functional project mode. Our objective was to make the internal teams autonomous, so we built an automated solution adapted to the technologies used by La Poste Mobile. The solution is based on development in Python in a sandbox environment made available and fed by data from the internal data warehouse. A training session lasting several days was also carried out to train and upgrade the skills of La Poste Mobile's data teams. This enabled the teams to quickly become autonomous in updating the models.

The technical complexity of the project was due to the volume of data processing, tracing a year's worth of mobile usage history for 2 million customers, and to the limited computing power of the environment.

Thanks to this solution, the marketing & CRM teams of La Poste Mobile have set up a multi-channel customer retention programme. Customers can subscribe to personalised offers via 100% digitalised paths or contact a dedicated telephone retention unit with specific instructions and offers for each customer segment according to its risk/value segmentation. This comprehensive system succeeds in retaining several thousand customers each month.

The Acceleration Data project has become the cornerstone of La Poste Mobile's data transformation. Equancy is supporting this transformation alongside the group's internal business and IT teams. In 2022, it will enter its third year of existence with ever greater ambitions and value generation, all on a La Poste Mobile platform hosted in the cloud.

Nina Crazover - CMO La Poste Mobile

"In line with our DNA of proximity, customer understanding is at the heart of the concerns of the La Poste Mobile marketing teams. We made the strategic choice to adopt a resolutely cross-functional approach to raise awareness and mobilise the entire organisation around data to serve the business and customer satisfaction. The results of the Acceleration Data project are extremely satisfactory, with a double-digit reduction in churn. This reinforces our customer-centric strategy and convinces us to continue developing data in our activities."

Nina Crazover, Marketing and E-commerce Director, La Poste Mobile

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