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The data portal, the solution for data leaders to create value on a large scale.
Access to data is at the heart of a successful data strategy focused on large-scale value creation. Yet in reality, it still represents a challenge for data leaders. They don't always have the tools to scale up and make it easy to expose and re-use organisations' data assets. 

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The role of data within organisations and society is changing fundamentally. New requirements are emerging for data access and use, and the demand for data is growing and diversifying rapidly. 

Data has become everyone's business. However, matching supply and demand in terms of data consumption is proving complex for Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and data leaders, who have to act on a large scale for their organisation. 

📖 At Opendatasoft's request, Equancy recently conducted a survey of around twenty CDOs from major organisations across all sectors to identify the challenges they face. This study enabled us to learn more about the maturity levels of organisations and the data solutions that need to be put in place to create value on a large scale.

👉 Discover during this webinar: the lessons learned from the Equancy study and how data portals, one-stop-shops for data, enable data leaders to accelerate and provide self-service access to their organisation's data assets.

On the agenda for our webinar with Equancy:

  • What are the challenges facing data leaders who want to put data at the heart of their organisation?
  • What levers do you have at your disposal to industrialise and democratise access to your organisation's data assets? 
  • What are the strategic and tactical advantages of data portals? 
  • A series of high-impact data portal use cases developed with Opendatasoft.

Our speakers

Alexis Rousset
Director of Data Consulting at Equancy

Jean-Marc Lazard
Co-Founder and CEO of Opendatasoft

The business expert :

Alexis Rousset

Data Consulting Director

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