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Companies are facing a fast-paced changing environment on a global scale: demographic shifts, technology breakthroughs, consumer disconnect, business disruptions. Companies often feel they have to adapt and catch up. Being able to know what’s next and predict its impact on business is the key to regaining control, getting ahead and beating competition.

We will help you identify the trends that matter to your business before your competitors, and separate the fads from the paradigm shifts and bring to your attention the true game-changers.

Our international network of trends and insights specialists, trend hunters, sociologists, journalists, academics, entrepreneurs work in a collaborative and open way to promptly provide dynamic case studies of the best companies in your sector and elsewhere. Our multidisciplinary team scans innovation around the globe, shapes new market segmentations, curates consumer trends and offers sharp insights.

With other Equancy experts from Growth Strategies, Customer Marketing and Data Consulting, we will follow up fast on our reports with actionable recommendations to help you reinvent your business and refresh your mindset.

How our expertise can bring value to your business

  • Learn from outside of your usual competitive set

Competition is tougher then ever and can strike from anywhere. Companies need to look out for new competitors from outside their industry and across the globe. We will share our cross-sector monitoring and analyses about the movers and shakers, the best-in-class and the up-and-coming around the world. We will dissect their marketing strategy and tactics, their value proposition, their distribution and revenue model with key takeaways for your business.

  • Target new consumer segments before competitors

Companies are barely figuring out what millennials mean for their business, and the next generation is hitting the market with new consumer expectations. We will help you go beyond your traditional targets, make sense of seemingly irrational behaviors, uncover new consumer trends and identify new profitable market segments.

  • Explore the new geography of innovation

With global competition, leading companies have opened labs or relocated their R&D to the centers of innovation in the world. We will connect you to innovation champions, scout innovation for you, from emerging technologies - low or high tech - to services, products and business models, whether from the traditional centers of innovation or from the new ‘Valleys’ of the world.

  • Experience hands-on creativity for your business

With the rapid pace of technology, organizations often feel out of touch and innovation seems unattainable. By putting the human experience at the center, and technology in the hands of your people, we will unleash their creativity and foster mindset change. Whether through innovation safaris, rapid prototyping or business model hacking sessions, we will immerse you in a provocative thinking environment and create the conditions to innovate.


  • automotive
  • financial services
  • retail & e-commerce
  • travel & tourism
  • healthcare
  • food & beverage

Our experts

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    Consulting Director
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    Global Managing Director
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