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In volatile times, when companies need to drive change across their organization, people are even more central to the success of a strategy. How you adapt your organization to new business rules or a new operating model, how you leverage the right resources, instill a new mindset and rally all your employees behind your strategy makes all the difference.

Our team of HR specialists will help you transform your organization and structure your extended marketing activities to efficiently translate your business strategy into reality.

In collaboration with other Equancy experts from Branding, Growth Strategies, Data Consulting, Trends and Insights, Digital and Corporate Communications, and our talent search partner Wild Wild Search, we will help you manage your employer brand, design the blueprint for your digitally-empowered organization and identify the right profiles inside your organization or source missing skills. We will leverage your employee and candidate data to improve the performance of your HR initiatives.

How our expertise can bring value to your business

  • Define your target organization

With the pressing necessity of driving change, new resources are often added without reconsidering the whole existing organization. We will share our competitive review of organizations that inspire leadership and energize employees. We will help design the ideal organization to reach your business objectives and the roadmap towards it.

  • Find the right people for the right job at the right time

Marketing has grown more complex and far-reaching, demanding expansive expertise in digital, data, mobile, the IoT and technology. We will help you identify what skills are missing in your marketing organization. We will be creative in sourcing rare and hybrid profiles to meet your needs. We can also rapidly provide highly qualified professionals for on-site assignments, for flexible periods of time, depending on your needs.

  • Deliver a superior talent experience as an employer

The battle for talents has become global. And with the current skill shortage and lower barriers to switch, attracting, growing and retaining talent has become essential. We will help you strengthen your employer brand and craft your talent strategy. In full compliance with this strategy, we will design the best journey for people whether they are potential applicants, employees, high potentials or alumni, tracking and exploiting relevant data.

  • Drive culture change through your organization

A strong organization and company culture are key to make your strategy happen. From evangelization of your top management and beyond, to onboarding and training of your operational teams, we will support change management across your organization. We will help grow an innovation mindsets with our startup reverse mentoring or business model hacking sessions.


  • automotive
  • financial services
  • retail & e-commerce
  • travel & tourism
  • luxury
  • beauty
  • food & beverage

Our experts

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    growth strategies
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    Global Managing Director
    growth strategies

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