growth strategies

Companies must innovate and transform their business models to stay ahead of the curve and ultimately, grow. Traditional business models are being challenged by significant shifts in market dynamics and competitive environments: emerging markets competitors, digitalization and new technologies.

Our team of Growth Strategies experts led by Charlotte Weill, is experienced in helping businesses deal with these ever-changing environments, unlocking growth from existing markets and uncovering new opportunities on new ones.

We create innovative strategic solutions from a combination of industry knowledge and a mix of Trends and Insights, HR, Branding and Data Consulting expertise. We fuse science and creativity to make an immediate impact on the operational performance of our clients.

How our expertise can bring value to your business

  • Identify high-potential opportunities for innovation

Identifying the strategic opportunities for innovation leads to more focused initiatives, more efficient use of resources, and a higher likelihood of success. We will identify the highest potential opportunities, and provide strategic focus for your innovation initiatives.

  • Unlock growth in a constantly changing marketplace

The new digital economy has opened the door for new low-cost market entrants or disintermediation competitors. We will ensure you have the competitive advantage by helping you transform your value proposition, product and service offering, or distribution model.

  • Exploit opportunities in new markets

Emerging markets and increasing globalization are opening new opportunities for businesses. We will help you identify new markets and customer segments, determine a new position on the value chain, or leverage new technologies that drive business growth.

  • Improve the agility of your organization

Businesses need to embrace constant adaption and agility in order to thrive. We will help you integrate an agile approach into the heart of your organization leaving you better equipped to adapt to an ever-changing environment.


  • financial services
  • automotive
  • retail & e-commerce
  • travel & tourism
  • healthcare
  • luxury
  • food & beverage
  • beauty

Our experts

  • Aude Sarda

    growth strategies
  • Pierre-Antoine Allain

    growth strategies
  • Charlotte Weill

    Global Managing Director
    growth strategies
  • Morgan Bonnard

    Managing Director Shanghai
    Global Executive VP Partner
  • Susan Roy

    Global Executive VP
    growth strategies

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