Digital is neither a new media nor a simple distribution channel, but is the reality where you do business. Digital needs to be integrated into every aspect of the organization and into innovative customer strategies, products and services.

Our team of Digital experts led by Bertrand de La Selle will help you design new digital strategies, business models and offerings, optimize your digital performance and ensure you have the business advantage you need to drive your growth.

We collaborate with other experts within Equancy from Growth Strategies, Data Consulting, Technology and Customer Marketing, as well as with external partners, to provide our clients with a combination of technical, business and industry-specific knowledge. We fuse science and creativity, craft innovative, pragmatic and effective digital solutions that drive growth, and embed a digital mindset into the heart of your organization.

How our expertise can bring value to your business

  • Re-invent your business model

Digital, data and technology have durably impacted business offering opportunities for new distribution channels, new products and services, new business models, new strategies and new entrants. We will help you analyze trends and the impact on your business of game-changers like Mobile or the IoT. We will devise the right strategy to fend off the uberization or amazonization of your business, and help you ideate to come up with new products and services offers.

  • Upgrade your customer experience

The digital era has completely transformed customer relationship models and the way in which people consume content, make purchases and interact with businesses. We will help you reconsider the journey of your customer across all the touch points. We will develop a new customer experience with you, that is more personalized, simplified, unified, with mobile and social at the heart of your strategy.

  • Consolidate and leverage your data

Companies have understood that data is key to optimize strategy, to improve efficiency and to accelerate business performance. We will help you gather the wealth of data you collect from every interaction with your customers, and build use cases for you. We will help make the most of it, supplemented by the relevant data you may acquire from external partners, to improve your customer knowledge, personalize your customer experience and innovate.

  • Remodel your organization

With digital, change has become the new constant and companies need to adopt a different organizational approach to get and keep people on board. We will ensure your business, from the top management to your sales associates, is structured and ready to lead in the digital era through organizational transformation and mindset change. We will help you implement onboarding and training programs, reverse mentoring with startups, and innovation sessions.


  • automotive
  • financial services
  • retail & e-commerce
  • travel & tourism
  • luxury
  • beauty
  • food & beverage

Our experts

  • Alexandre Cahuzac

  • Estelle Divet

    Senior Manager
  • Bertrand de La Selle

    Global Executive VP
  • Emmanuelle Paille

  • Cécile Campan

    Senior Manager

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