customer marketing

Creating memorable, long-lasting relationships with your customers, as well as understanding how to bring them value through your services, brand experience and customer interactions, is key to driving business growth and profitability.

Our experienced Customer Marketing team led by Bertrand Destailleur will help you increase the value of your customer base, create memorable customer experiences, and ensure long-lasting loyalty. 

With experts from Equancy Data Consulting, Branding and Digital, as well as specialists in customer experience design, we ensure that you identify the most valuable customers and how they want to interact with your brand across the growing number of online and offline channels. 

We design imaginative, personalized, profitable and long-lasting relationships and help you innovate in customer services.

How our expertise can bring value to your business

  • Create a memorable brand experience
    Standing out in a crowded marketplace means building valuable, singular and memorable experiences. We will help you build strategies to create an emotional attachment to your brand, and develop services that simplify every step of the customer decision journey.
  • Justify investments
    Customers now choose the way they interact with brands, from channels to contact methods. We will give you the insights to understand which channels give you the best conversion rates, and develop strategies to increase your return on investment.
  • Take advantage of customer data
    Every interaction your brand has with your customers provides a wealth of data which gives valuable insights. We will help you develop a strong database across your brand touch points, and use this data to create a deep understanding of your customers.
  • Ensure direct, continued access to customers
    Having recurring customers requires constant interactions - but only in the way that suits them. We will give you the tools to create a smooth and consistent multichannel approach, as well as the insights on when and how to reach your customers.


  • financial services
  • retail & e-commerce
  • travel & tourism
  • food & beverage
  • luxury
  • beauty

Our experts

  • Aude Sarda

    growth strategies
  • Bertrand Destailleur

    Executive VP
    customer marketing

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