In an increasingly competitive marketplace, growing a powerful brand serving your business objectives is a top priority regardless of industry.
An inspiring brand is the only way to stand out, rally internal forces, engage consumers in a respectful dialogue and provide business growth.

Led by Antoine Ortoli, our branding teams of experts based in Europe, North America and Asia, work together to build brands across borders while embracing cultural differences. Equancy will help you to define and strengthen your brand platform while creating the emotional connection with your customers ensuring your brand is distinctive, efficient and memorable.

Our branding specialists collaborate with Equancy Trends & Insights international network to uncover opportunities. Together with our Customer Marketing experts, they provide innovative consulting, strategic creative services to deliver sustainable, pragmatic branding solutions that engage your consumers.

How our expertise can bring value to your business

  • Build a brand that resonates with consumers

Businesses want to build long-term relationships with their customers, and keeping a brand relevant is the first step. We will give you the in-depth consumer knowledge you need to build a strong brand that generates connections with your audiences, including the younger generations.

  • Be smartly different constantly

In a crowded marketplace with fast-changing consumers, a distinctive brand identity is needed more than ever. We will help you construct your key value proposition and put in place strategies to ensure your business differentiates itself over the long term.

  • Ensure a consistent brand message

With the proliferation of new channels and customer touchpoints, both online and offline, businesses need to ensure their brand promise is undiluted. We will help you implement brand guardianship strategies to ensure a consistent and relevant brand experience at each consumer touchpoint.

  • Re-invent your brand and innovate

Shifts in attitudes, demographics and technological developments present opportunities for brand re-invention or the creation of new brands. We will work with you to identify the opportunities this presents, and develop ideas and a strategy that drives long-term growth.


  • luxury
  • beauty
  • travel & tourism
  • food & beverage

Our experts

  • Marie-Laure Queru

    Consulting Director
  • Vincent Fichet

    Creative Director
  • Antoine Ortoli

    Global Executive VP
  • Charlotte Boisdron

    Consulting Director

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