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transforming a retailer brand into a leading fashion brand in the Chinese market

Contact:  Morgan Bonnard –

Business challenge

In 2005, a leading French ready-to-wear group launched its fast-fashion womenswear brand in China.

Facing fierce competition, an ever-growing list of new entrants and fast-changing consumer behaviors, our client wanted to switch from a strictly retailer product-focused operational mindset to a brand consumer-focused approach in order to build its brand and boost growth.

Project objectives

The objectives of the project were twofold:

  • Redefine the brand for the Chinese market
  • Establish a better and consistent customer experience both online and offline in order to meet Chinese consumers’ expectations

What Equancy did

  • Repositioned the brand thanks to improved understanding of market dynamics and consumer targeting
  • Designed the visual identity of the brand
  • Provided a detailed communication plan focused on an O2O approach
  • Built an e-commerce strategic frame for the online consumer experience
  • Devised an online content strategy including editorial line, visual expression, frequency of post and key topics
  • Gave support on new POS concept design to improve offline shopping experience
  • Provided monthly brand guardianship reports to transition to omni-channel brand monitoring


  • Strong improvement of brand image and clarity of the message from a consumer standpoint
  • Increase of brand awareness resulting in expanding the franchisee network: the opening of the 1000th store in 2015
  • Successful opening of a new concept store at the end of 2015 in Shanghai
  • Start of a consumer-driven strategy by setting up the database platform to have a clear omni-channel vision by consumer


combining our expertise


  • retail & e-commerce

Our experts

  • Emilie Arrouf

  • Morgan Bonnard

    Managing Director Shanghai
    Global Executive VP Partner
  • Ye Tian

    Account Manager

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