seizing new growth opportunities in high-potential high-risk markets

Competition is brutal in today’s high-growth regions, like China and India, and in emerging consumer markets that didn’t even exist a short time ago. Even the best-laid go-to-market plans can be hampered or even derailed by market specificities.

Welcome to the exciting, new frontier, where market share is up for grabs.  But where, to outwit the competition, you need to get it right.

We believe

Only companies that understand the unique needs of these markets can take advantage of the opportunity, while maintaining the integrity of their brand vision and strengthening their brand value.

It’s about being able to:

  • understand emerging or specific culture, needs and usage patterns
  • leverage insights to identify business opportunities before your competitors do
  • assess the ROI of your projects and make the right decision
  • deliver the right offer or experience to the right segment of consumers
  • build and implement a solid go-to-market strategy

…so you can reduce your risk, capture maximum value, strengthen your brand and drive innovation and growth.

Helping you take on the challenge

It takes a partner who can combine expertise in growth strategies, global branding and industry knowledge. From our offices in New York, Paris, Shanghai and Bangalore, we have been closely working with some of the biggest international brands for years. Our consultants and Trends and Insights experts identify new business models, new segments and new consumer trends around the world.

Our data and client marketing specialists will do a deep dive into customer behavior, making sure you’re set to attack any new market. With our made-to-measure approach to innovation, you will be quick to respond to any new segment or niche market with new products and services.

The only limits to your opportunities are the four corners of the world.

Seize new markets. Know your customer. Innovate.



  • retail & e-commerce
  • travel & tourism
  • food & beverage
  • beauty
  • financial services
  • luxury
  • automotive

Our experts

  • Charlotte Weill

    Global Managing Director
    growth strategies
  • Morgan Bonnard

    Managing Director Shanghai
    Global Executive VP Partner
  • Pierre-Antoine Allain

    growth strategies
  • Aude Sarda

    growth strategies
  • Bertrand de La Selle

    Global Executive VP
  • Julien Deniaud

    Managing Director

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