reinventing your business model in a disrupted market environment

Digital, data and technology are tearing down old barriers. Competition strikes from all sides, takes on every shape possible, destroys certitudes and steals customers from established brands.

It’s a tough new world, where seizing opportunities ahead of competitors is the new imperative.

We believe

Tomorrow’s winners will be those who identify threats and new opportunities before the competition does, see paradigm shifts before they happen and act quickly on it.

It’s about tapping into:

  • a deep understanding of the market dynamics
  • the growth potential of existing product portfolios, and pricing, distribution and organizational models
  • new opportunities in emerging market segments, new territories or new positions on the value chain
  • fast and proven go-to-market strategies you can act with foresight, efficiency and intelligence to quickly reconfigure your business.

Helping you face the challenge

Challenging times call for a unique combination of marketing expertise and industry knowledge, organizational skills, scientific pragmatism and creative thinking, adapted specifically to your needs.

Our Trends and Insights specialists will help you identify new directions and emerging patterns.  Our global team of growth strategy consultants and our data science team will evaluate the risks and help you seize opportunities, and make sure your business model is always ahead. 

Our innovation process and transformation workshops will enable your organization to act on new ideas, and act fast.  We can keep you from getting blindsided and help you make the right choices, at the right time.

Stay ahead.  Anticipate.  Strike First.



  • financial services
  • travel & tourism
  • retail & e-commerce
  • automotive
  • food & beverage
  • healthcare

Our experts

  • Pierre-Antoine Allain

    growth strategies
  • Charlotte Weill

    Global Managing Director
    growth strategies
  • Alexandre Cahuzac


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