nurturing the right company culture to navigate the sea of change

New consumer needs, new business models, new competitors, new technology, new employer / employee relationships... Today’s only constant, is constant change. And it can be very unsettling for traditional organizations.

Change, such as the digital transformation companies must undergo, is an opportunity for reinvention.

We believe

Having the foresight and the courage to shake up your old business models leads nowhere if your employees don’t rally behind it. A strong organization and company culture is the key to staying ahead in the digital age.

It’s all about:

  • sharing your vision and change strategy with your internal forces
  • identifying agents of change and balancing your internal strengths with the skills you must bring in from outside
  • promoting a culture of change and innovation, starting from the top
  • methodically reshaping and empowering your entire organization

…so you can turn strategy into action and ensure it’s executed effectively.

Helping you face the challenge

Only by combining strong industry knowledge, HR expertise and marketing skills can we help you transform your organization and re-structure your marketing activities. We will help you adopt and support new operating models for an ever-changing environment.

Equancy’s consultants are trained at identifying organizational needs, challenging processes and devising roadmaps for becoming an agile company that is open to innovation.

Thanks to boardroom evangelization, transformation workshops, brand induction and innovation sessions, we make sure your employees at all levels become agents of change.

Think ahead. Rally. Transform.



  • financial services
  • healthcare
  • retail & e-commerce
  • food & beverage

Our experts

  • Charlotte Weill

    Global Managing Director
    growth strategies
  • Pierre-Antoine Allain

    growth strategies
  • Cécile Campan

    Senior Manager
  • Aude Sarda

    growth strategies
  • Bertrand de La Selle

    Global Executive VP
  • Emmanuelle Paille


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