making your brand the engine of engagement with today’s fickle consumers

Marketing to today’s demanding and fickle consumers has never been so difficult. Connecting with them demands such skills that even the most established brands can rapidly lose touch. Creating a brand preference is a whole new ball game.

It’s a game full of opportunities for those who know how to forge durable bonds.

We believe

Winning companies are those able to manage their brand to its fullest potential. It’s your strongest business asset, drives product and service innovation and is the foundation of a consistent customer experience and strong company culture.

It’s about having the insight to:

  • build upon your trusted values and codes so you can innovate
  • make your brand more dynamic and agile, and prepared for niche segments or high-value markets
  • keep your brand fresh and attractive to each new generation of users, whatever the touchpoint
  • move from a traditional top-down approach to new, more conversational modes with both customers and employees that you can engage your existing customers with authentic, meaningful, compelling propositions and win over new ones.

Helping you face the challenge

We combine strong expertise in customer knowledge, soft and hard data, and brand positioning, across a wide variety of industry sectors, to ensure your brand will speak to new generations and to help consolidate your relationships.

Starting with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and expectations from our Trends and Insights group, we define your brand platform, values and codes. From it, we design innovative and consistent ways of living your brand, from retail experiences down to brand content.

Our branding experts will also train your sales associates in the fundamentals of branding and relationship values, so they can become true brand ambassadors.

It’s time to turn your brand into an engine for growth. Full throttle ahead.

Stay relevant. Stay fresh. Stay true to yourself.



  • beauty
  • travel & tourism
  • retail & e-commerce
  • food & beverage
  • luxury

Our experts

  • Antoine Ortoli

    Global Executive VP
  • Charlotte Boisdron

    Consulting Director
  • Marie-Laure Queru

    Consulting Director
  • Vincent Fichet

    Creative Director
  • Bertrand Destailleur

    Executive VP
    customer marketing
  • Emilie Arrouf

  • Morgan Bonnard

    Managing Director Shanghai
    Global Executive VP Partner

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