growing your customer relationships and portfolio value in a volatile market

The battle for customers is relentless and your competitors are just one click away. Customers want to be recognized and respected, and they expect more from brands. Building durable and profitable relationships with these fickle consumers is a real conundrum.

A simple, memorable experience can make all the difference and is an opportunity to win them over.

We believe

Brands developing a distinctive emotional experience rooted in deep customer knowledge will be able to create durable authentic meaningful dialogue with their customers and ultimately brand preference.

It’s about knowing:

  • what your brand stands for
  • who your customers are and how to listen to them
  • how they want to interact with your business
  • how to tap the wealth of data from multiple interactions to manage your customer journey in real time

…so you really engage your customers and make them loyal, thereby driving business growth and profitability.

Helping you face the challenge

Our powerful combination of CRM experts, branding specialists and data scientists can deliver memorable customer engagement strategies powered by predictive models.

Our consultants will help you define your strategic segments, identify value customers and review channel performance with our contribution models. They will build a relationship platform so your content is in sync with your core brand values and is suited to your segments.

Using extensive data analysis, our experts will create personalized customer experiences and innovative services that maximize satisfaction, so you can gain and retain your value customers for the long haul.

Create genuine interactions. Engage your customers. Develop their value.



  • retail & e-commerce
  • food & beverage
  • beauty
  • travel & tourism
  • luxury
  • automotive

Our experts

  • Bertrand Destailleur

    Executive VP
    customer marketing
  • Jennifer Bedel

    data consulting
  • Aude Sarda

    growth strategies
  • Emilie Arrouf

  • Morgan Bonnard

    Managing Director Shanghai
    Global Executive VP Partner
  • Didier Richaudeau

    Global Executive VP
    data consulting

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