empowering well-informed stakeholders with your side of the story

At a time when authority is more dispersed, issues more complex and trust in corporations is on the decline, companies are held accountable to higher standards: labor issues, the environment, social concerns. Conversations can start anywhere and public opinion is unpredictable and harder to influence than ever.

In this connected age, opportunities abound to reach out to your stakeholders to share your purpose and pledges, and to put your actions into perspective.

We believe

Only companies who initiate and maintain a dynamic and authentic conversation with their stakeholders, and who give them the keys to understand the debate and their side of the story, will be able to strengthen their reputation.

It’s about being quick to:

  • anticipate emerging, contingency factors that may cause damage
  • prepare for and comply with regulatory and legal decisions that will affect your organization
  • monitor the ongoing debate and participate with your content
  • build mutually beneficial relationships with media-savvy consumers, new opinion leaders, and social media influencers

…so as to engage all your stakeholders with a clear and meaningful communication platform to which they can relate.

Helping you face the challenge

Our made-to-measure combination of opinion and communication expertise, trends and insights, industry experience and content capabilities will give your brand a positive spin and keep it moving forward. Our consultants in corporate communication will design an innovative corporate communication strategy that meets your business and communication objectives.

Our lobbying professionals are dedicated to promoting the position and interests of your company. 

By putting conversation at the top of your agenda, your company will get support from your advocates, starting with your employees, and win over potential opponents.

Stay on your toes. Tell your story. Share your future.



  • public sector
  • financial services
  • retail & e-commerce

Our experts

  • Robert Zarader

    Global Executive VP Partner
    “Equancy & Co” CEO
    corporate communications
  • Raphaëlle Ginies

    Consulting Director
    corporate communications
  • Pauline Helot

    Consulting Director
    corporate communications
  • Ziad Gebran

    Account Director
    corporate communications
  • Orianne Bornand

    Account Director
    corporate communications
  • Aude Rothenburger

    Consulting Director
    corporate communications
  • Caroline Causse

    Account Director
    corporate communications

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