Strategic Marketing
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We help businesses deal with ever-changing environments, unlocking growth from existing markets, uncovering exciting opportunities on new ones, and fostering strategically-grounded, and brand-appropriate innovation.

Our offer is divided into 3 main areas of expertise:

Growth strategies

Value proposition / Product and service offering / Distribution model 

Market Entry

Segment and market identification / Value chain positioning / Fast go-to-market


Disruption / Acceleration / Onboarding

What we can do for your business

Unlock growth by finding your key competitive advantage
Increase your chances of success in entering new markets
Identify high-potential opportunities for innovation
Improve the agility of your organization

Key services

Strategic market analysis
New market identification
Market segmentation
Market entry strategy
Value proposition reshaping
Value chain positioning
Innovation acceleration
Business model transformation
Monetization strategies
Distribution model switch
Go-to-market strategies
Organizational transformation
Change management support

Our experts

Our team of Strategic marketing experts led by Charlotte Weill.

Charlotte Weill Charlotte Weill Managing Director

Case studies

Transforming a retailer brand into a leading fashion brand in the Chinese market
Crafting a complete market entry strategy in China for a global food leader