Data science & Engineering
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We help our clients - from boardrooms to operational teams - to make the most out of their data and technology, in order to take on their business challenges.

Our offer is divided into 3 main areas of expertise:


Digital / Média / Customer experience


Data strategy / Customer intelligence / Machine learning


Design / Build / Run

What we can do for your business

Get actionable insight and focus on the key levers of profit drivers
Ensure channel and customer journey optimization for maximum performace
Define the right set of indicators to adjust your business strategy in real-time
Predict consumer behavior and sales trends
Choose the right technology and optimize your IT investments

Key services

Data strategies
Strategic customer segmentation
Strategic performance metrics & reviews
Big data use cases
Product recommenders and customization
DMP use cases

Our experts

Our global team of 40 data scientists, data miners, media and web analysts, and data consultants is led by Didier Richaudeau.

Hervé Mignot Hervé Mignot Executive VP Jennifer Bedel Jennifer Bedel Data Consulting Manager Stéphanie Guédon Stéphanie Guédon Senior Manager Didier Richaudeau Didier Richaudeau Executive VP

Case studies

Revamping an online platform thanks to customer personas built from web tracking data
Creating multichannel real-time recommendations for more engagement and conversion
Uncovering business opportunities in a customer portfolio
Choosing the right DMP solution to deploy personalization on digital, media and CRM channels