Case study
Revamping an online platform thanks to customer personas built from web tracking data

Business challenge

Industry: Tourism & Leisure

A world-famous theme park brand wanted to improve the business performance and customer satisfaction of their website, which served diverse purposes beyond e-commerce. Despite a strong interest in the theme park’s offering from website visitors, 99% of online visits were not converting into bookings.

Equancy helped with the rationalization of online content and customer journeys, driving our client’s investment decisions and the design of the new online platform.

Project objectives

The objectives of the project were twofold:

  • Understanding of the different visitor segments: what they are looking for, how long they stay, how far from conversion they are, what their business potential is
  • Increase satisfaction and conversion through personalized content and journeys for each persona, including smart triggers for click-to-chat service & retargeting campaign activation

What Equancy did

We helped the client integrate strong rationale into the revamping strategy of the online platform & the remarketing approach, thanks to deep analysis of online customer journey data. 

Relevant aspects included:

  • Building an intuitive visit segmentation, and a list of potentially relevant segmentation criteria during a workshop with marketing and digital departments
  • Determining visitor segmentation by analyzing 3 months of detailed online tracking data over 5 markets with a machine-learning algorithm, filtering out segmentation criteria non relevant for conversion or personalization
  • Running a workshop to determine the right content and services to push/present to each persona, and the target website structure
  • Creating remarketing business rules to select the right message at the right moment with the right digital channel for each of the targeted visitor segments, including the priority persona to trigger
  • Recommending triggered retargeting email and banner campaigns on high potential personas
  • Defining the detailed specifications to implement these segments into web analytics tools




Strategic customer segmentation
Data-driven personas
Retargeting strategy

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