Case study
Restructuring a brand portfolio to stay ahead of the market
Contact: Antoine Ortoli

Business challenge

Industry: Tourism & Leisure

A worldwide leader on the hospitality market needed to revitalize its brand portfolio, to build sustainable brand platforms, and to position each brand distinctively and relevantly, regarding evolving customer needs and expectations.

For a global group with many brands, ranging from economy to luxury, crafting a coherent brand portfolio required a pragmatic approach, both to avoid cannibalization and to sharpen the sense of purpose for each brand.

Project objectives

Equancy’s mission was to devise a unique process, mapping out an operational platform for each brand within the group’s portfolio. The goal was to question the positioning of each brand and to identify what makes that brand both unique and different.

The main objectives of the project were to:

  • Create new business dynamics for each brand
  • Define a sound brand platform, which is easy to understand and implement
  • Consolidate the strengths and specificities of each brand and set new goals

What Equancy did

We provided our client with a strategic vision to guide decision making.

Relevant aspects included:

  • Equancy worked closely with internal teams on:
  • Reviewing the brand’s archives, competitor benchmarking, and trend analyses
  • Co-creating the strategic design of the brand platform with our client
  • Facilitating brand platform working sessions
  • Developing the brand architecture (when relevant)
  • Defining brand markers and rituals
  • Proposing new branding (when relevant)
  • Driving internal change communication and education


The brand platforms are now the reference when communicating internally and externally about product and services, HR solutions or the brand concept.


Brand audit
Strategic market analysis
Customer profiling
Brand platform
Brand coding
Brand rituals
Brand architecture

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