Case study
Enhancing the overall ski resort customer experience with a unified CRM strategy

Business challenge

Industries: Tourism & Leisure, Retail & e-commerce

One of Europe’s highest ski resorts wished to use a smart CRM strategy to convert its many first-time visitors into loyal clients.

The initial challenge was to make the various ski resort players speak with one voice. Our program had to both target the general public and satisfy the needs of a myriad of stakeholders including the ski lift operator, the ski schools, the ski rental companies, the car park companies, the hotels and other hospitality actors, the tourist office and the local council.

Equancy was asked to design the customer marketing strategy. The key issue was to convince each stakeholder that developing a global strategy, at ski-resort scale, would not only be profitable for the resort but also boost business for each individual stakeholder.

Project objectives

When building the CRM strategy for our client, we pursued five objectives:

  • Find and aggregate data into a common data mart (Business Intelligence Solution)
  • Set up smart-data tracking throughout the customer journey
  • Build relationship cycles to keep in touch with visitors when it matters most
  • Develop a resort pass to increase data tracking
  • Set up client KPIs to monitor each CRM action and to provide regular performance updates

What Equancy did

Equancy organized a major kick-off operation with all potential stakeholders both to bring them onboard and to share the insights provided by their aggregated data. To make the most of the new database, we designed 2 relationship cycles: one to keep in touch with the resort’s clients throughout the year, the other to take care of visitors during their stay. We defined client KPIs for the resort but also for each stakeholder in order to benchmark performances. 

Relevant aspects included:

  • Built the ski resort customer vision and met with each tourism actor to co-create the approach and secure their engagement
  • Aggregated data from multi-channels and multi-sources into a Business Intelligence solution
  • Analyzed data quality and customer behavior
  • Shared insights and reported on project progress to maintain enthusiasm for a shared vision of the ski resort’s customers
  • Explained the business benefits of a joint CRM approach both for the ski resort and for each stakeholder
  • Built the privacy policy to ensure respect of French data privacy regulations
  • Designed relationship cycles to take care of visitors during their stay, to manage customer relationships throughout the year and to trigger purchase
  • Designed a resort-pass solution to enhance customer engagement with the resort and help visitors to make the most of their stay
  • Set up common client KPIs to engage all the resort’s stakeholders and to facilitate performance benchmarking


  • Database increased by x16, from contacts to qualified customers, standardized and without duplicates
  • Sent around 1.5 million emails per season through annual and stay relationship cycles
  • Increased email performance: average open rates for annual relationship-cycle emails: +21%, average open rates for trip-cycle emails: +44%!
  • Managed and stimulated customers come 2.5 times more frequently than non-managed clients!
  • A net contribution of €3.5 million/season
  • Our client was voted "World's Best Ski Resort 'at the World Ski Awards 2014
  • The Grand Prix Strategies 2015 was awarded to the CRM strategy implemented by Equancy


Customer intelligence
CRM strategy
Data strategies
CRM action plans
KPI monitoring
Service innovation
Customer experience design

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