Case study
Devising a post-merger corporate communication strategy
Contact: Robert Zarader

Business challenge

Industries: Financial services, Public sector

Following the 2012 presidential election in France, the Government executed an electoral promise and merged several public financial institutions to create a single public investment bank dedicated to financing SMEs, mid-caps and innovative companies. This newcomer approached Equancy to help it build a strategy to develop its brand awareness and credibility among decision makers and private sector players.

Project objectives

The main objectives of the project were:

  • To build a coherent positioning and message for the new public investment bank
  • To strengthen the employees’ sense of belonging to the new group
  • To raise awareness among public decision makers, entrepreneurs and CEOs

What Equancy did

We developed a complete strategy to establish our client as the main public financing tool in the minds of decision makers, companies and the general public. This strategy included corporate communications, lobbying, events and press relation campaigns. 

Relevant aspects included:

  • Auditing the role and communication strategies of the different institutions merged into the new public investment bank.
  • Identifying the expressed needs of targeted funding-seeking companies regarding their relations with public financing.
  • Analyzing the national and local political landscape focusing on sticking points regarding the new institution.
  • Creating a global communication strategy including corporate communication and internal communication (identity, positioning, messages…).
  • Implementing this strategy towards multiple targets: policy makers (lobbying actions both at the national and local levels), eligible companies (events, media campaigns) and the general public (press relations).


Four years after its creation, the new public investment bank is widely acknowledged as a strategic tool for French economic policy, trusted by both policy makers and investment-seeking companies.


Communication strategy
Internal & managerial communication
Media relations & influence
Public affairs
Political and media monitoring

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