Case study
Choosing the right DMP solution to deploy personalization on digital, media and CRM channels
Contact: Hervé Mignot

Business challenge

Industry: Retail & e-commerce

A leading French mail order company operating in 26 countries, which has developed into a top ranked e-commerce site for apparel and home decor, asked Equancy to help make the most of their extensive CRM database and cookie-based data to launch personalization and keep growing in a very competitive e-commerce environment.

With the wealth of solutions available on the market, and the diverse demands of CRM & digital & media teams, Equancy was asked to set a clear data strategy and prioritize technological investments.

A DMP solution was identified as the priority since this technology:

  • is able to deal with both CRM, digital, media and third-party data in real time
  • is fully integrated with CRM & media ecosystems in real time
  • is a means to deploy personalization in media, online and through triggered CRM campaigns

Project objectives

The main objective of the project was to choose the right solution to support 3 business goals:

  • Online personalization for better conversion rates
  • Optimized media acquisition, improved media performance and lower acquisition costs
  • Deeper customer and visitor knowledge

What Equancy did

  • Centralized business requirements of digital, media and CRM teams and performed current system assessment
  • Developed use case scenarios
  • Designed marketing IT architecture with client IT department
  • Helped to select a DMP solution to be integrated with the existing CRM solution, the media ecosystem and the A/B testing solutions within the business plan
  • Managed sourcing of potential providers and DMP RFP
  • Drove the DMP pilot phase
  • Set up roadmap and post-validation business plan
  • Supported DMP deployment
  • Ran regular workshops with cross-functional teams including IT, to set the next quarterly activity plan with innovative campaigns


  • DMP initial deployment within a 3-month time frame
  • Business plan validation by top management for roll-out
  • First full DMP project deployed in France
  • > 1.5x on onsite conversion rate & acquisition cost divided by up to 2



Data strategies
DMP use cases
Requirements specification
RFI/RFP management
Project management
Campaign innovation

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