Equancy opens its R&D to client partnerships

Equancy, a major global consulting and innovation company, and a leader in data science, launched its first R&D program in 2016. Each project is co-built with one of the company’s clients who shares its data, contributes to on-going evaluation of results and participates in the financing. This program focuses on cutting-edge projects which are likely to generate innovative and operational applications, with a high impact on the client’s business or image. Equancy intends to carry out three projects each year with its clients.

The R&D team led by Hervé Mignot, partner, and a data and technology expert, was set up in Paris to work on an image processing project, with a leading online fashion store, drawing on artificial intelligence technologies including machine learning and deep learning. This R&D partnership has already proved its worth with the creation of software components ready to be integrated.

In 2017, Equancy is renewing this highly successful initiative, and is putting forward three new subjects involving innovative use of data. Each should lead to improved business performance, the creation of new services or totally new approaches:

  • Improving the relevance of responses formulated by chatbots through the use of machine learning,
  • Identifying emotions in images and voices in order to measure and improve customer experience through the use of deep learning,
  • Optimizing media strategy through advanced attribution and contribution models,
  • Automatic generation of texts and analyses from natural language data sets using deep learning models, and
  • Identification of the most effective HR career paths through text and process mining.

“Our approach is based on sharing risks, working directly on our clients’ data and on continuous quality improvement, thanks to feedback on results throughout the project. Our models and prototypes are immediately confronted with the operational reality of our clients”, declared Hervé Mignot, head of R&D.