Challenge #3

Seizing new growth opportunities in high-potential, high-risk markets 

Competition is brutal in today’s high-growth regions. Even the best go-to-market plans can fail due to local specificities. In this high-risk environment, market share is up for grabs for those who know how to make the right decisions, faster than the competition.

Seizing the opportunity

Companies that recognise the specificities of these markets and understand how to exploit the strength of their brand while safeguarding its coherence can take advantage of these opportunities. To achieve this you need to:

Understand the culture, emerging needs and usages
Leverage insights to identify business opportunities ahead of the competition
Assess the return on investment of your projects and take the right decisions
Deliver the right offer or experience to the right consumer segment

How we help

By combining expertise in marketing strategy, branding and trends, with deep industry knowledge, our teams in New York, Paris, Shanghai and Mumbai, are able to help you reduce your risk, maximise value, strengthen your brand and drive innovation, connection and growth.



Strategic market analysis
Market segmentation
New market identification
Market entry strategy
Brand innovation
Brand guardianship


Retail & e-commerce
Tourism & Leisure
Financial services

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