Challenge #1

Reinventing your business model in a disrupted market environment

Digital, data and technology are tearing down traditional barriers. Competition is striking from all sides, taking on every possible shape and form, destroying certitudes and stealing customers from established brands. It’s a tough new world where seizing opportunities ahead of the competitors is imperative. 

Seizing the opportunity

Tomorrow’s winners will be those who identify threats and opportunities before their competitors, see paradigm shifts before they happen and act quickly. It is a question of knowing how to:

Tap into a deep understanding of market dynamics
Develop the potential of existing product portfolios, exploit new pricing, distribution and organization models
Grab opportunites in new market segments, new territories or new positions on the value chain 
Implement fast and proven go-to-market strategies

How we help

Meeting these challenges requires a unique combination of marketing expertise and industry knowledge, organizational skills, scientific pragmatism and creative thinking, all perfectly aligned with your needs. Our consultants will help you to keep your business model ahead of the game, to act with foresight in new situations and to make the right choices at the right times.



Strategic market analysis
Market segmentation
Business model transformation
Innovation acceleration
Go-to-market strategies
Value chain positioning
Organizational transformation
Change management support


Financial services
Tourism & Leisure
Retail & e-commerce